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Superfoods Hawaii

Friend and Superfoods Guru, David Sandoval, invites Mimi and Marianna to Hawaii in Episode 4 of “Food Hero Mimi Kozma” to meet one of his most successful health and weight loss successes, Monika Lima.  Single mother of two, Monika, shares an intimate secret… her battle with a lifelong eating disorder. We explore Monika’s healthier lifestyle journey with David.  David coaches Mimi on how to use food for optimal nutritional benefit.  Mimi then uses her knowledge of food and David’s tutelage to create a fabulous and nutritious meal for Monika, family and friends. To top it off, Mimi amazes Monika with the introduction to a big wave pioneer, Darrick Doerner. Watch to see the surprise in store for Monika. For info on the Lifestyle Transformation E-MAIL: info@mimikozma.com 

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Food Hero Mimi Kozma on “The Chew”

Food Hero Mimi Kozma Live TV Segment “San Diego Living”