Food Hero Mimi Kozma

MimiSpecial education teacher, master home chef, radio personality, mother and wife–I am Mimi Kozma.

“True healing comes by nourishing the mind, body and soul.” ~author unknown

Food Hero Mimi Kozma was born from my desire to help people.  It is who I am.

I grew up with a younger sister who struggled with extreme learning disabilities (and still does to this day).  I watched as my parents worked tirelessly to get the proper support for her.  As the older sister, I did my best to help out as much as I could, but I didn’t always understand what was going on.  The bottom line is, we worked as a family, so that my sister could gain the skills to be an independent and productive citizen of the community.  Through it all, I learned that the challenges faced by a family of a child with special needs, be it medical, educational and/or psychological is complex, often misunderstood and unquestionably underappreciated.

So, what did I do?  I went off to college to seek and receive my degree in Special Education in order to understand, on a deeper level, how to help children like my sister.  Though I have been working with children and families for over 25 years, I knew that I wanted to do more.  I sought to find a way to help others beyond the classroom and into the kitchen in a way that was natural, gratifying and, “would make my heart sparkle.”

The kitchen, you ask?  Albeit, I am not a formally trained chef, but my love of cooking can be traced back to my early days.  Since childhood, I have had an appreciation for and experience with fresh ingredients and the food industry.

My father was once part of an aqua farming venture and my parents later owned three restaurants.  I have fond memories of shopping with my mother at the local grocer, fish markets and Asian food market places.  During my youth I was exposed to my parent’s fantastic cooking styles, other various global cuisines and the dynamics of entertaining.

Into adulthood, I began to travel abroad and discovered more foods from around the world.  Through trial and error, I began experimenting with recreating meals in my own kitchen.  Sometimes a fresh ingredient inspired me to come up with an original recipe.  Needless to say, my love of cooking runs deep and is another component in what inspired me to create Food Hero Mimi Kozma.

In addition, I have recently returned to radio.  Food Hero Mimi Kozma is currently aired on America’s Talk Radio and my audience is growing.  This avedaa welcomed return after being a small part of the Armed Forces Network-Radio Europe (AFN), many moons ago.

Through deep soul searching and with the help of my husband, family and close friends, I am on a mission to bring about awareness to the community, about the community—specifically focusing on children with special needs, their families and their lives.  I want to travel America to tell those unique stories, surprise those families with a tremendous meal and top it off with a reveal of something completely unexpected.