• Food Hero Mimi Kozma

Superfoods Hawaii

Friend and Superfoods Guru, David Sandoval, invites Mimi and Marianna to Hawaii in Episode 4 of “Food Hero Mimi Kozma” to meet one of his most successful health and weight loss successes, Monika Lima.  Single mother of two, Monika, shares an intimate secret… her battle with a lifelong eating disorder. We explore Monika’s healthier lifestyle journey with David.  David coaches Mimi on how to use food for optimal nutritional benefit.  Mimi then uses her knowledge of food and David’s tutelage to create a fabulous and nutritious meal for Monika, family and friends. To top it off, Mimi amazes Monika with the introduction to a big wave pioneer, Darrick Doerner. Watch to see the surprise in store for Monika. For info on the Lifestyle Transformation E-MAIL: info@mimikozma.com

Soldiers Charity

In Episode 3 of Food Hero Mimi Kozma, Mimi Kozma and Mike Schwartz introduce Brett D’Alessandro.  Brett, an active duty member of the United States Marine Corp. has recently launched the organization, Backpacks for Life in Verona, New Jersey.  He, having served in Afghanistan, has first hand accounts of how the stressors of war takes a toll on a soldier and how the transition back to civilian life afterwards can lead to confusion, anger, hopelessness and sometimes homelessness.   Brett, saw homeless vets on the street—men and women who served our country and wondered how he could help his fellow soldier regain some dignity and seek help.  Watch how Mimi and top chef, Ariane Duarte, create for Brett his favorite meal in Ariane’s Kitchen and Bar. Witness how Hometown Heroes Charity gives Backpacks for Life a boost with their new charity.

Atlantic City Supports Teresa Long

In Episode 2 of Food Hero Mimi Kozma, Mimi Kozma and Mike Schwartz introduce Teresa Long. Teresa (“Terri”), having lived with juvenile diabetes, she did not take the time to treat this disease seriously.  Instead, she selflessly chose to singlehandedly rear her five children.  Consequently, the disease took its toll and she went blind by not having the doctor check her eyes. Terri has spent the last 8 years battling blindness associated with Diabetic Neuropathy and not leaving her home.  Thanks to Harry Hurley from “Hurley in the Morning” (radio show) and the support of her community in Atlantic City, Mimi and Mike are able to take this once thriving individual from ‘homebound and hopeless’ and return her to ‘valiant and valued!’  See Terri’s surprising transformation.  Watch as her favorite meal is planned and prepared by Mimi in a little hidden treasure within Atlantic City NJ.  You will be bowled over by the other unexpected treats planned for Terri and her family.

Police & Firefighters Respond To FPIES

Watch as police and firefighters show up to make a wish come true for a young child with FPIES. On the first episode of Food Hero Mimi Kozma, Mimi Kozma teams up with Mike Schwartz from Hometown Heroes. Mimi and Mike introduce Landon, a 6-year-old boy, who has been battling Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES).  This very rare disease has placed Landon in the hospital numerous times, where he has often been face to face with death.  His family has been under constant pressure to ensure that Landon remain healthy and live a normal life.  Mimi tag teams with a highly respected chef to make a special dinner for Landon and his family, while Mike orchestrates an unbelievable surprise for Landon.